I am a gnome!!

I am a gnome!! My name is Catalina! (: i live in Chile, I am 17 years old.
I'm a horse lover, they make my life whole.
I really like metal, rock and Tecno. ..
My great idol is Izzy Stradlin and I'm a bit crazy about Lestat de Lioncourt. He's handsome! I am not a big fan of anime... BUT HEY. There's some animes that really get me...( Hakuoki... )

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My doctors

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It is Clara!

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The moment I knew the 12th doctor would be a good one.

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Who has fallen in love with the Twelfth Doctor?

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the angels take manhattan x doctor who

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the angels take manhattan x doctor who

Who misses the Eleventh Doctor?

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Um… Is no one going to address this?

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My day. Was not disappointed.

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Me and my brother go to 2nd&charles to find some cool stuff to make our tardis with and this is what we got:

Random Mom: Come here Marco!!

Child: *runs away*

Random Mom: Marco!!

Child: *poke’s head up over the book case’s* Polo!!!!

Random Mom: You better come here you little shit!!!!! 

Was not disappointed.

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  • Day 10-Saddest episode-Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

(I count 2 episodes connected as one big episode)

Sorry I did this so late, getting school stuff done~

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Is it bad that I found Clara stupidly adorable with this outburst?

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Doctor Who → parallels.

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